Most students hate assignments. The average student wants to have time to do personal things. Most of them will typically ask the question ‘who invented homework and why they invented it.’ Depending on how you view it, homework can either be bad or good. It is better to accept the fact that at some point in a student’s life, there must be homework involved.

Facts about homework

  • It was invented in 1905 by Roberto Nevilis, an Italian teacher.
  • It was to serve as a punishment for students who Roberto deemed underperformers.

Most educators issue homework to students every semester. Instructors believe homework is a way to assess the student’s progress. When out of school, homework keeps the students in line with academic work.

The History of Homework

Roberto Nevilis is the brains behind homework invention. He is the first person to introduce homework into the education system way back in 1905. Historians believe homework was conceptualized almost at the same time as the invention of the structure of schooling. Most European nations embraced homework in their system of education. In the current setting, homework not only serves as a way to pass exams, but it also acts as a bridge of developing responsibility sense among students.

Homework role in students’ lives

Studies on the effectiveness of homework on students have brought up mixed reactions. Students should do homework sparingly. Giving too much homework can be counterproductive. Studies have shown that since 1981, the amount of homework given to students between age 6-9 have doubled up. There should be an evaluation of the effectiveness of homework given by instructors to students.

At this point, you now understand who invented homework and when it came to life. Too much of something is poisonous, as the saying goes, and a lot of homework can, therefore, be harmful to a student. Students need to have spare time to be social and also to do other house chores. As a student, you also need time to socialize with family members. In addition to that, the time set for physical exercises and nourishments is also vital. Too much homework can make one miss the reality of things and life.

Why do we have homework?

Homework is way different from sit-in exams as you can get a huge chunk of support while working on it. You can get in contact with professionals from 123Homework to help you on an assignment. The truth of the matter is that most students who pass their homework end up getting better results in their academic reports. If you decide to appreciate homework and do it wholeheartedly, you will also value the inventor. Putting together schoolwork and homework molds better, responsible and respectable citizens. Responsibility steps in when you learn how to organize yourself and personal time to finish up your homework early, and this makes you juggle between priorities and put the best ones first. Homework not only affects the academic life of a student but extends to mold the student’s social life too.

To get the best results from homework it is imperative to evaluate its effectiveness. As the principal target, students should get involved in the critical assessment process. Ask them if they are benefitting from homework handed to them. Lecturers and professors should also try as much as they can to practice flexibility while issuing out homework. Flexibility will help them achieve the desired objectives they set in learning.

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